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Feb 25, 2009

Had to write a story for 10mins,
this is what my sick mess of a brain came up with ahah.
I was trapped. No one could save me...
The voices were haunting in the dark, my eyes unfocused and weak. I could feel the day old blood crackle in my greasy hair. Slit fingers sting with pain. I am Lucy Jackson.
5 days ago I was living my normal. boring life. As boring as it was I would give anything to have it back. This man, this monster, he has no heart. Our screams can not touch him, his face stone cold, eyes glazed. Our begging, pleading, unheard by any others. He has locked us underground, chained us to the moist, rotting brick walls in hell. Our stories quietly fill the chilled air in whispers, no light to see the teller. These stories of how he teared at our flesh, sawed at our bones... so terrifying.. so real..

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