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Mar 5, 2009

the veronicas are so fucking HOT.

Went the to Summer Jam 09 in Wellington last night. Started off right at the front, only like 2ppl in front of me and I swear I was about to faint. People were going so crazy, they were pushing and so packed together you'd be pulled right off the ground.

Midnight Youth was actually really good. I must download some of their songs later (if I can find any). They went for about 20mins and by the end I was ready to leave, that's how aggravating and disgusting the "mosh-pit" was.

PMoney came on and I managed to last through that. He was algeezy, better than what I expected - just remixed some of the "so hot right now" songs you hear on the radio, had a couple of dancers too. I pretty much zoned out by the end of his shit though, was literally dying of heat and smell.

Metro Station was taking a few minutes to get ready, me and Kimi squeezed out to go get water. Ended up tipping it on our heads, god I must of looked so terrible.

THEN, the whole reason I went came on stage. Fucking hell those girls need to eat. The Veronicas. They were so gorgeous, their skin looked so perfect and white. I'm so glad I went, seeing them has made my year already! I'm so glad the crowd calmed down by then also, cos we managed to make our way back to where we were after getting drinks.

My sick obsession with those girls has just got bigger.

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