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i'm kaitlyn maye! :) i pretty much only go to school for photography, drama, media studies and friends. ;p i'm creative, smart, protective and stuborn. i love photography, blogging, fashion, art, friends, family and acting :) peace! x

Apr 8, 2010

it's bloody freezing right now! bradley's outside with his mates working on his car, so i'm chillin' inside ;) i can't figure out how to turn the sound on though.. ugh, i wanted to play some music! last night was so much fun, except for the fact i was in my pjs the whole time.. drove around with the boys, picked up sarah and chels (yayyuurr) got high and buzzed out at some budist place lol. man, i love the holidays ;)

oh! and the picture is a drawing i done for bradley ;3


  1. Woah, shit Kaitlyn, that's so fucking good oi! :) x

  2. aww thankyou :P
    and i'm so glad too sarz! &last night was mamazing ;D