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Jan 13, 2010

1 year on the 9th,
broke up on the 10th.

for a whole year i was in love with that boy, he made my days amazing and happy. he became my world, something i advise you never do haha. but it was so perfect, it was like a cheesy romantic movie :3 i gave myself to him at just 14, i kinda regret the age but with him it was right. we spent so many nights together, it became normal to just show up every friday, spend all saturday together and just relax :) but he left school, he got a job, he got all his money wrapped up in loans and paying off stuff.. he grew up. he put us on a break, liked the "freedom" and that's that. he wasn't 'in love' anymore and didn't mind treating me badly. no matter how bad he did treat me, i still love him. i love him a lot, but i need to get over it. obviously i'm scared, he was my prince and now i'm alone. before i cry, i'm gonna stop writing this shit lol. being in love is amazing and i'm so glad i got to experience it, just wish someone could glue my heart back together. asap.

oh, & i forgot to mention his car. yeah, pretty sure all the love he had for me went to his car. great.


  1. this must feel terrible :( the way you talk about it comes from the voice of a very strong girl

  2. You seem liek you have a nice head on your shoulders. Keep moving forward! You will be just fine. It sounds like someone else, even better, is out there waiting for you to be there princess.

  3. hun,that boy hurt you.and I know that whatever I say nothing will make you feel better right now.
    I just want you to think that everything happens for a reason.maybe your heart will be fixed sooner than you think.
    be strong.
    and dont forget that you're not alone.spend some time with your family and friends and you'll see that your wounds will heal faster.

    love u

  4. nothing that anyone says is going to fix anything or make anything better to the extremes that you feel good again just yet. but just know that you have a whole heap of people that are here for you always :) and things will get better, they always do. everything happens for a reason and at the end of the day i hope you are happy and get the best, cos that's exactly what you deserve. you will find something in someone else that will send your heart flying over the moon. i hope he soon realizes that he lost the best thing that will ever happen to him. if there is a hole in your heart that needs filling im always here. ;) i hope you are doing okay. xx

  5. exactly what ash said is completely right. you have heaps of friends including me babe. if you ever need to talk im only a text away

    oxox hope your okay