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Jul 19, 2011

Reasons to hate birthdays:
1. Your ex who fucked you over multiple times texts you at exactly 12am to say happy birthday after ignoring you for weeks.

2. Your friends make up excuses to not come to your birthday dinner, because they don't like someone who will be there.

3. Your parents spend more money on the dog during groceries than what they do on your birthday present. (not even joking)

4. The grandparents who hate you and never speak to you send a card that ends with "FROM grandad and nana"...

5. Your friends don't even bother to tell you they aren't coming to your birthday dinner.
Reasons to love birthdays: 
1. Your two best guy mates go out of their way to buy you presents and surprise you after seeing how dumb your birthday's turning out to be.

2. The cutest boy in the world spends his day buying candles, movies, lollies, zebra print pillows and a blanket to make your night together perfect. :)

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