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Apr 13, 2011


where do i start.. well, it's andy and i's 6 month anniversary this sunday.. he's out buying me a present and i'm freaking out cos i have no idea what to buy him??!! ideas... ? :)
oh, i also go through extreme music phases. a few months ago, it was nick minaj - pink friday. then it was lupe fiasco - lasers. and nnooww it's chris brown - f.a.m.e ... it's like the only music i'll play till i find something new. if you don't have any of those albums, download them. or buy them. now! you won't reget it ;)
i have two days left of school, then 2 weeks holiday! during those 2 weeks i'll be learning how to be a cook at kfc (i'm only out front/drive thru atm) which will then lead me onto becoming a shift supervisor! eighteen-something dollars an hour, sa-wweett! ;p
i can't think of anything else so just a short update today ;p comment and tell me how you guys are gonna spend the next two weeks of no school! :)

ps - the photo is a joke, andy's cheeks don't look that fat normally hahh..

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  1. Aww thats a cute pic of both of you! you make a cute for the gift you should buy him a joke gift like an inside joke and buy him something that he really wants. Or something he really is into like music. i hope i helped..