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Jul 15, 2010

ya know what; i went to the zoo the other day and they had NO ZEBRAS?! no otters, no penguins, no elephants, and there was another animal they didn't have which i can't think of right now.. i was so guttered! i took some pretty cool photos though, so here ya go ;p


  1. that sun bear actually made me want to cry. the last time i went to the zoo every 5 seconds it would come out of his cage, walk the same path and then go back in his cave. he did this constantly. you could tell that it was so unhappy. i felt so so cruel >.<

  2. /: i know what you mean, there's two of them there and they're so beautiful.. but i think they do actually have a good life, it's not like they're the ones who get chained up and made to do tricks like in those fucked up countries. if they were really unhappy the zoo keepers would be able to tell, and hopefully do something about it (: