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i'm kaitlyn maye! :) i pretty much only go to school for photography, drama, media studies and friends. ;p i'm creative, smart, protective and stuborn. i love photography, blogging, fashion, art, friends, family and acting :) peace! x

Mar 22, 2010

I put in my friend Chels's hair extensions and fell in llooovveee ;3 she got them off Trademe for $90, man I wish I had a damn job right now!
It's mufti day tomorrow and I really want to wear my cowboy boots... but they have heels &I'm scared I'll fall over or something haha! Oh man. I just checked the weather; tomorrow - rain, Wednesday - wind, Thursday - raiiinnn! I'm not ready for this winter weather, come back sssuummeeerr... I don't even own warm clothes, stuff this hah.
My piano lesson is in under an hour, I should probably get some practise in before I go. The whole point of this post was to just show off those extensions, I'm so jealous ;P


  1. aaww but dont those extensions just look so cccoooooll! ;3

  2. you can get 15" extensions for 60, :) which i think are the same length as chels's :) i'm not to sure though. xx