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Feb 13, 2010

to all my beautiful followers,
i hope you are doing well :)
i've had such a busy, messy but happy past few weeks.
i would like to inform all those who stood by me with your sweet words while i was getting bullied, that i punched that bully right in the face. school is not happy, parents are not happy, police might get in and not be happy. but i can not dwell on my mistakes, and even though what i done was horrible, and shouldn't have happened. it was worth it.
bradley and i are back together, i'm very very very excited and i do have to say, i made him out to be worse than what he was when we broke up.. i love him :3
it's saturday, and i'm on "house arrest" until wednesday.
life is algood :P



  1. this post made me smile :)
    im so glad you taught that bully a lesson ;D

  2. hahah so many people are proud of me :P

  3. i am literally really happy that you fucking smashed that bully.

    they REALLY needed that.

  4. So happy for you about you and paddles. :)

  5. I so so so so so happy, too! :3

  6. I'm proud you puncchheddd taht bully! MAN YOU'RE AWESOME! AND I'D ULTRA HAPPY FOR YOU! You and Bradley are back together! Gratz love! :)