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Jan 2, 2010

sometimes i feel like there's too much going on, we forget how to step back and look at what matters. we can get so caught up in proving a point that stuff gets said that was never true, just a cheap shot to kick the other down. the past month or so has been so crazy and confusing i haven't been acting like myself. i don't expect everyone or anyone to fully understand, and i probably get upset a lot easier than most people anyway. i finally get a chance to forget about everything &just drink - push every stupid drama out of my head and enjoy not being able to think straight, to just chill and laugh. but doing that only causes more problems, because everyone's so quick to jump on a smile between two people, a guy mate holding a girl mates hand for guidance. it's as if nothing that happens anymore can be innocent, helpful or just friendly.
 everything has to be sexual or bitchy or disrespectful.
there must be someone out there who can relate with me when i say this - that i can never do something without thinking about him, what he'd say or what he'd think. remembering the way he feels pressed against me or the smell of his hair is more than enough to keep me hooked. i do not need, repeat i do not need attention from any other guy. all i need is him, and i know that's the part she doesn't understand.


  1. to whom exactly are you reffering you when you say ''she doesnt understand''?
    I know what you mean about the way things are these days,about how people misunderstand and take things the wrong way.
    But if you make that clearer about who that ''she'' is maybe I could help you.
    I'd love to:)


  2. hmmmm cool picture ..greatings