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Jan 7, 2010

gotta keep smiling
On Tuesday I went to the Movies with Racheal and saw The Lovely Bones, it's such a good movie! Pretty sad in parts though :(  The main character, Susie, was watching her sisters first kiss from heaven and it actually made me cry, the boy gave her sister a half heart necklace.. like the one Bradley gave me.. and he kissed her.. and I just went "oh my god.. " and cried! why does he have that kind of power over me? Gosh I don't know..

Wednesday I woke up early, drove into Wellington (with mum and dad of course), sat on a Ferry for 3hours and spent the day in Picton! It wasn't like aammaazzziinngg, it was just really smooth and laxed ;p I might post some of the photos I took later - but here's a photo of me and mum for now ;)

To all those lucky people who are on holiday like me I hope you're enjoying it!

Love, Kaitz   xx

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