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Jan 16, 2010


just when i think i'm going to be okay, i get left alone at home.. and my head starts to wonder. i'm so fucking mad at myself, why am i still in love with someone who doesn't give a fuck? i'm never going to have it back, i'm never going to be with him so why do i keep upsetting myself and thinking about what we used to have? why can't i just get over it like he did so long ago. fucking hell. fuck him. fuck believing there's actually such thing as a nice guy. fuck you pathetic tears that aren't going to help anything.

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  1. the tears help you feel me;)
    dont depend on someone who doesnt give a damn babe.
    be strong and show everyone and esp show yourself that you can make it without him.

    you know you can.
    you did have a life before him right?
    Try and get it back.Or create a new life for yourself,from the beggining.Just because he left doesnt mean you are nothing.
    You 're strong and I know you can make it.