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Dec 2, 2009

two days ago my boyfriend and i
had a fight, not long after he had a car crash.
the next day i went to his house to see the damage,
his car's absolutely ruined...
that was the first time i've ever see my sweetheart cry..
the only reason he was in the car
was to come see me, make things right.
i feel so guilty, he's fine but i kknnooww
it shouldn't have happened,
the fight was so stupid...


  1. I hope hes okay! Miss you sweet one.

  2. Oh darling you shouldnt feel guilty.
    all that matters now is that he is ok.
    and that you are together :)

    i believe these kind of things show you what the real meaning is.and this way you realize whats really important.

    hope everything is great again:)


  3. that happened to me too! i'm so lucky he was ok x