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i'm kaitlyn maye! :) i pretty much only go to school for photography, drama, media studies and friends. ;p i'm creative, smart, protective and stuborn. i love photography, blogging, fashion, art, friends, family and acting :) peace! x

Dec 19, 2009

happy happy happy happy!

i cbf with bullshit. gonna have a good night tonight &go to church 2mw morning! shit what do you wear to church? lol. :3 i just had coffee with my dad at maccas, that was weird. ahah. thankyou everyone who's been there for me lately (L) i wanna get stoned real bad. actually, hurry up good weather cos i want a beach party!! x


  1. church...i guess a dress with booties?
    maybe...?i dont know:p

    beach partys<3
    hope u have one soon;)

  2. i agree, good weather hurry the fuck up. x

  3. haha babe, dw, you dont need to dress up or dress down to go to church, they dont judge :D xxx & sooo down 4 the beach :D x