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Nov 25, 2009

today it felt like i had a little angel on my shoulder, telling me to never drop that smile. but i didn't feel like smiling at all, another girl in my class has joined in with the "lets bully Kaitlyn and her bestfriend" game. not to mention Racheal and i have done absolutely nothing to this girl. in 1st period she was mocking me, calling me emo (according to them my name's emo and Rachael's name is pig...) and as i walked past her i gave her the biggest smile possible, that felt sweet, made me giggle :P last period Rachael went to go see her boooyyyy, and bully had a go at her - saying things like "i didn't know animals were allowed in the school" etc. anyway, what i'm getting at is.. i need advice :/ i don't know what to do.. this whole things getting way out of hand. i'll tell you a bit about 'bully's' past friends just so you get an idea of who i'm dealing with...
bully &lilly were bestfriends, if i can remember correctly they fought over a boy and it ended in a full on punch up, bully got hit over the head with a skateboard and sent to hospital.

bully &chevv were bestfriends, but after the fight with lilly they had a falling out in class - bully calling chevv a "dirty nigger", pushing over tables, screaming eettccc..
bully made new friends with two girls at school. they were okay for a few months, had a falling out and then it turned to shit. bully done pretty much the same thing to them that she's doing to me, and when they went to the school staff about it bully just hit them up about that too.

i really don't know what to do :/


  1. omgosh some people are so pathetic! move to my school ;D
    no thats so mean, some people are so terrible, this totally sounds like a motherly thing to say but honestly it's jealousy thats bringing the worst in them.
    hang in there, in time they'll get over their pathetic selfs and things will get a hella lot better.
    dont worry, you're a gorgeous amazing person and any reason someone would deliberately hurt you is out of jealousy for you :)

  2. seriously this is bad.
    i mean how old is she?9?
    gosh.some people are really really pathetic.
    all you have to do is just ignore her.
    that will hurt more.
    and that smile on ur face...yes keep it there.maybe she will shut her whory mouth up if she sees that none of these words upset are awesome and she is can tell her that Fenia will let know every Greek person know that.fucking whore.oops.language F! heheheee

    but please ignore her.and if u need help I ve got friends in the Italian Mafia hahahaha


  3. just ignor her D: shes not worth your time.

  4. lol!! i guess i'll just keep ignoring her then :) i went to the deans on thursday, she went absolutely mmeennttaall. she said she was gonna stop but apparently on friday she was still being nasty (i was at home hah)