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Nov 18, 2009

today i realised this girl will stop at nothing to bring me down. she doesn't give a shit about who she's insulting, what she's saying and certainly doesn't care how badly shit like that hurts people.

this is just me letting off hot steam, so sorry if i sound really angry lol. but this girl.. she just doesn't get it! she's been constantly bullying myself, and now my closest friends, all because of a few days after she accused me of all this crap, i told her i didn't want to be close with her because i know how it ends up. why couldn't she just accept that our friendship has stopped, and left it? instead she has to prove my point exactly, and turn me into her worst enemy who she just cant leave alone.

just to show you how horrible this girl can be, i'll give you some examples.. for like a week straight she was yelling out things like "pig" and "emo" towards me in class, not to mention everyday is 'stare at kaitlyn with the most deadly look ever' day. a few days ago i commented my friends bebo photo of her and her boyfriend saying it was cute - then all of a sudden i get her and another girl accusing me of going for him, comments reading "KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOSED SLUT" one of my girls is being polite and just saying was that to kaitlyn then wwhhaamm! quote from said girl.. "awww piggy wanna go? You cant talk you slut both you and her fucking slut around other peoples boyfriends!? Youve got your own so keep your pants on aye?"
trust me, it actually gets worse. she said this to my bestfriend "you dumb fat pig faced bitch! ... Keep your legs shut and fuck off all the boys that are taken cos your filth and always will be".



  1. wow.she does need a psychiatrist or something.seriously tell her that.
    i had a friend like that too and i realised that such people are just soooe effin jealous of you,they will do anything to take you down.
    but thats the shouldnt let her hurt you.
    if shes doing all these to you and your friends,stop thinking about being a good person and being civilised.take the bitch the down.

    i totally would muahaha :p


  2. oh babe.
    whoever the fuck it is ill sort them out next year :P i might be coming to yours school.

    fuck, who ever is doing this to you, sounds like a piece of black shit from the toilet. and she sounds extremely jealous and very low on herself to be doing this, and obviously cant handle that you dont want to be her friend anymore and she's trying to get back at you, for the one reason that she cant stand herself for losing you as a friend.

  3. its because your hot and stuff and she really wants to be like you. jealousy sucks ;P yeah and like kayla said, she obv cant handle not being your friend anymore haha. hope you're okay :)

  4. ahahah! aw you guys :P

    I am feeling better about it, kinda giving up on being the better person and just having a good laugh at her ;)

  5. "keep your legs shut" and "pig" is probably the only insults she knows ><
    don't worry, everyone has their time to go through shit, and i guess this is yours.
    i just hope one day you just stand out there infront of her face with so much confidence so she'll be afraid of you~