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Oct 6, 2009

Wish List
maybe, hopefully, might even turn into a to do list ;)
1. a macro lens
these things are amazing! cost a bit though :( i also wish i could get a tripod and remote, aaannndd i wish mum would let me take the camera out places!
2. a piano!
finally got mum to agree on me taking piano lessons, she's looking at keyboards on trademe but it'd be wicked to have a big, beautiful piano. baby steps iknww ><
3. Halloween
not just Halloween, but a huge, dress up party like they do in the states! over the top costumes, games, real trick-or-treating, i just wish everyone got into it as much as i want to!  

4. a new wardrobe
my clothes bbooorreee me, i want a completely new wardrobe, and not just things from the latest trends. i'm in love with a mix between vintage and i guess you could call it punk. i must admit, i have seen a few front zip dresses in the shops and have fallen in love ^_^

5. a hot-damn beach body!!
why can't i just magically wake up and look like this?! or atleast have boobs like that *sighs*
maybe i should go on one of those celebrity diets. live off salad and fish.. i think i might give it a go. haha. don't worry, i won't last any longer than a week.
6. a job
okay so this is last on my list for a reason. i want one.. but then again i don't. having a job would make it near impossible to see bradley (ggaahh!) and i'm too lazy to hand in my application form i got from New World about 2weeks ago, woooops ahah! i just want some mmooonneeeyy. maybe i should try selling stuff on trademe? :L mean job.


  1. thank you for following (: thats a really good wish list. i love the halloween picture on it, wow. X

  2. damn! i would send you the link to more from that photo shoot but i closed the window :(
    thanks! :)

  3. Boohoo I want a Piano! Love them so much, they make such beautiful music :) Your blog is so cooool! :) xo

  4. Wow. I love Halloween too. (: Where are you from? And, I love your whole blog layout, with the flowers and such. How did you get it?

  5. well, we've already told you that me and chels are gonna do something for halloween so thats sorted :P and as for new world, im sure andrew would love to have you working with him :P

  6. Fern - Thankyou! I'm going round to see my new piano teacher tomorrow :D so excited!

    Kate - click on the "like my background" in the top left corner, find one you like and follow th instructions ;)

    Sarah! - Ohmygosh I can't wait for halloween. And yeah, that's probably why I haven't handed it in :L

    thnks everyone for the comments! xx