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Oct 29, 2009

lets just say the past few days have
been absolutely horrible.
tuesday night i had a normal but
exhausting fight with my father
and haven't talked to him since
(some pretty harsh stuff said >:s )
aanndd thheenn. lunchtime at school yesterday,
had so much bullshit thrown at me
by someone who was "my friend".
i can't believe the nasty things she was saying,
if i hadn't gone home today with a sore
tummy i would have told her at break
i don't want anything to do with her. :/
guess that's for tomorrow now.
thankgod for dionne and rachael, my angels :)


  1. so whos bitchass am i smashing?

  2. lol at alicas comment (Y)

    aw I hope everything works out for you :)
    saturday surely will cheer you up ;) we'll write on kaylas calenda!

  3. Fightin with the parents always makes me feel like shit as well...
    As far as that bitch who's throwing bullshit at you,well I think I can pretty much work with Alicia and kick her ass :p

  4. Aww, thankyou guys from being so sweet ;3

    I told the girl I want nothing to do with her, she started saying more shit so i just walked away. :/ man trying to be the better person is hard! i wanted to say so much more lol.

  5. congrats on dumping that bitch XD