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Oct 14, 2009

"A grisly find for an SPCA officer in Christchurch, after a dead tabby cat was found with a large number of nails in its head at a Hoon Hay address in the weekend.
SPCA Spokesman Geoff Sutton says at least fourteen, 85-millimetre nails were used on the cat which they believe was alive when the attack began.
He says they are waiting on an autopsy to confirm the type and number of nails used." - TVNZ Website.

okay so this was just on campbell live,
i also found a photo of the cats xray
isn't this just the most horrible thing imaginable? they think the poor cat was still alive, what kind of sick bastard does this? stuff like that just gets me so worked up :(
the thing that made it worse, was that the minute this came on t.v, my dad starts cracking jokes about it. like are you fucking kidding. that defenceless animal was killed from nails being shoved through its head by some sick fuck and he cracks a number of heartless jokes. then when i tell him his comments were horrible and sick, he tries to belittle me, patronises me for caring. fuck him. fuck you sick fuck who killed the cat.


  1. That is unbelievable. who in their right mind would do that. fucking cunts!

  2. God, I don't know.. I don't understand it at all..

  3. omfg, thats so fucking sad..
    that person deserves knives in their head.