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Sep 29, 2009

this is my angry post.
sorry in advance...
but i'm just so fucking frustrated!
to be completely honest, i feel as though i can not rely on you as a friend at all. i am so fucking sick of people cancelling, changing everything around, ditching, forgetting. i don't even know if any of you realise you're doing it, but the amount of times i have had big teary talks about it with my mum is ridiculous. i've come to the point where i don't even want to try anymore, because i know how it all ends. everytime is the same and it's just draining everything from me. i mean come on, you call me your best friend but i don't even hear shit from you. you tell me you miss me but everytime i go out of my way to see you all i get is "i gotta go, need to babysit, i'm so sorry". saying i'm fine with it and it's okay only goes so far. maybe it's time to stop kidding myself and focus on those who have been there for me from the start.

oh a brighter note, i hope i can still see ashlea and amy on thursday night (:

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