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Sep 10, 2009

rant rant rant.

if there is anything i hate, it's the human race.. i hate the way we communicate. the way we are so selfish, the way we are indeed intelligent but manage to get things so wrong. i hate how i can afford such beautiful objects, and know that there are millions of people who can not even afford to feed their starving children. i hate sitting in class amongst kids who mouth off at their teacher with full disrespect, and know that those same millions of people who can't feed their children would give anything, absolutely anything to give their child some sort of education. i also hate when i stop and realise that i am doing just that..
it's a strange feeling when you step back and take a look around, watch people go about their daily routines, watch them grumble and scowl about busy streets or their unfair fathers. if only they knew of, or cared for those people who stay on my mind now night and day. if only they took those few seconds to do something to help.. if only i had the power to make things right.

the sad thing is, if i said this infront of my class mates i would be ridiculed and belittled. i hate how people don't understand.


  1. thanks for your comment :)
    yeah it kinda got sorted out a bit last night,
    things will never be the same with us though aaaaaaaaa!
    i hate change!
    i really like your blog though :)
    this post is awesome :) And so true xoxo

  2. I agree kaits. I hated being in class watching kids mouth off at teachers and while they were doing it they were think they're the shit.


  3. Ciara: every change brings something good doll!

    Too true Kimi, what're you doing now that you're not at school hun? (:

    And thankyou Taren! :$

  4. Exactly how I feel. =]
    I like your blog, it's short enough that I'll read it, but long enough to keep it interesting.

    <3 Courtney

  5. Ditto x093928479238759237