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Jul 8, 2009

i hate fights.
i hate those bitchy, pathetic fights us teenagers always seem to get ourselves into.
it's like we always need a drama, can't just relax and enjoy.
there always needs to be someone everyone else hates.
or someone everyone else bitches about.
i'm so sick of it, even just being on the outside watching frustrates the hell out of me.
and i hate, my god i hate not knowing where i stand.

i wish you would treat me like a bestfriend..


  1. I wish girls just did everything like guys.

    Chill the fuck out.

    Problem fuckin' solved.

  2. lmao, fuckyeah.
    i love hanging out with guys.
    you all just beach, and piss on trees.
    it's great.

  3. You make it as if we can't write moving poetry.

    Oh wait; we can't.