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Jul 17, 2009

i feel like shit.
it's the night before my birthday and i wish it wasn't.
i wish i had more people to invite.
i wish everyone would stop fucking cancelling on me.

on a brighter note, chris is taking me to the AC/DC concert in Wellington later this year, and Bradley's taking me to Basshunter & 3oh!3. yomyomyom.


  1. acdc, bass hunter and 3oh!3 ? jealous!! that should be heaps of fun! :)

  2. too bad i have to pay for basshunter with my own money D:
    haha but yeh, it'll be mint :)

  3. Omg I'm jealous too that's gonna be so good. Speically 3oh!3

  4. AC/DC IS $170 EACH!!!
    idnt think we're going now ><