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i'm kaitlyn maye! :) i pretty much only go to school for photography, drama, media studies and friends. ;p i'm creative, smart, protective and stuborn. i love photography, blogging, fashion, art, friends, family and acting :) peace! x

Jun 28, 2009


well, me and mum went for a run this morning! i'm trying to exercise more hahah. lets see how long this will last ;) anyway, after that we went to Skycity Cinema and saw The Proposal! it was actually pretty cool, made mommy cry ;o after that we walked around the shops, got more balls for my piercing and mom brought me the coolest top/dress! hopefully i can convince her to give it to me before my birthday!

ooohhhh! steve-o just sent me the hottest music, check it ooouuuttt ;)
Elephants and Crayons - Smile In Your Sleep
Of Mice and Men - Poker Face
Trapt - Echo

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