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May 16, 2009

i've been posting nonsense.
time for a change.

This world will not be the same one we were born into.
We could do many things to change this life, we could do many things to kill this life.
We could all die from toxic chemicals these factories are polluting our air with.
We could all die from the largest racial war, nuclear war or just a war in general.
We could all die from science, medicine; a cure for cancer gone wrong.
We could all die from God, his heart not strong enough to watch us kill our planet.

Time is running out but we make no start. Our adults and role models think it's not their problem, that they'll be gone before it happens. We won't be gone before it happens. The Earth cannot handle everything we throw at it, our Earth will fail to supply us with our everyday needs if we fail to just simply keep it clean. It's lifeline will come the the point where just one more car turning on will forse us into chaos.
We won't last this way.

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