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Mar 13, 2009


The pavement slides from beneath my feet, a rhythmic step in which my legs function. Lost in my thoughts - the chirping from the tree tops goes unnoticed. This distance, I reach my destination quickly. I can not wait.
My haven, my silence.

The ripples in the flow of water distort my reflection, fucking up every one of those pretty little features they like. I like it this way. I like it.
The muscles in my cheeks twitch with the unexpected movement, I feel a smile appear and thank whats-his-face up there, no body's here to see. Will you be arriving soon?
Chilling, the wind blows through my hair and twists it messily, forcing goose pimples to form around my neck, down my chest and even my breasts. Tingling in the cold, my nose is running. I wish I had a coat. A clock ticks back in the living room, perfect white couch's never touched by the backsides of life. What is the time, ladybird? Sun had set long ago, we must be on our way.
And you never showed.

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