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Jan 3, 2009

I attempt to write. Comment plz. (:

Should we be at our 'beauty-age' when we go to heaven?
Or if we die of old age, do we have to look like that forever?
And what happens if you die in a car crash, or hang yourself, do we spend eternity with missing limbs, and popped out eyeballs?
I guess you may get a choice - which leads me to another question.
If we choose what age we're going to be in heaven, what happens when you're trying to find your husband, and you're looking for a 70year old man,but he decided to be 16? A baby dies at age3, and when the mother arrives at heaven, she can't find her daughter because as a 3year old, she never got to experience what it was like to be 30 on Earth, so that's the age she chose.
Even if God found a way around this problem, how many people would be able to stay in heaven? I mean, billions of years humans have walked the same path - birth, life &death - and all these years worth of life will either go to heaven, or hell. But do the oldest souls have to leave at some time, to make way for the new?
Or do we just keep entering the gates of Heaven, filling up every empty space in the sky?
What if it's all too complicated, and even God couldn't control this?
What if there isn't anywhere to go after death?
These questions push me closer to thinking that there is no heaven, and no hell, and that our souls just disappear, fade away, dissolve and vanish into the air, all memories erased - for a soul holds its own memories, and no memory is worth having if it isn't yours.
So no heaven and hell, does that mean the good are not rewarded, spoiled in paradise, and the bad are not punished in fires?
Does that mean all these people, who try do good in life, are waisting there time?
That no matter how twisted you make your life here on Earth, the outcome will not change, and everyone will end exactly the same way?
Does that mean you can never be with the ones you ache for ever again?Does that mean you can never apologize to and forgive those that didn't last long enough to hear it?
I don't know what it means. I don't know Gods plans, or thoughts.
I know barely anything.
And yet, neither does anyone else.

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  1. Thats opened up so much for me oi, iv never in my life thort of this subject so deeply as you have, but now that ive read this i to will be wondering and contemplating all of the points, questions, and arguments that you have shown to me and every that reads this blog. This is truly an amazing peice of writing and i hope to read more from you on this subject and other to come. ily scoff